Ruquino Foods

ruquino foods

About Us

We are a pioneering organization which is full of so much drive and enthusiasm to build a name of its own in the industry.


Our company Ruquino Foods which was founded in January 2013, was established because of our family's love to use condiments every time we would eat at home and in various restaurants. Because of this love and interest, we formulated an original recipe of condiment that we believe will definitely add flavor and taste to whatever food that the condiment would be paired off.


Our product is a combination of chili, garlic and other ingredients especially developed to become a condiment of great taste that will surely make the buying public make it necessary in their meal.

We have the capacity to produce fifteen boxes of chili garlic paste in one cooking and we can guarantee full compliance to deliver our product based on the contract agreed upon by our customers and our company.

We have newly purchased equipment suitable for our operation and which was duly inspected and given permit to operate by FDA on January 2013, we have complied with the necessary permits required by DTI and the local governments, our working location is at 500 M. Almeda St. Pateros Metro Manila and with contacts no 09089454325.


Apart from our mission to excel in this operation we had mandated our organization to fully adhere to the quality standard required for food processing by various government institutions. It is our ultimate goal to penetrate fast moving food chains, thus we are truly bound to manufacture high quality standard of our product, a characteristic we can guarantee to our clients and customer.